Yaesu FT-990 Top of the Line HF Transceiver

This was Yaesu's top-of-the-line HF rig when made.  In addition to the top-notch construction and sophisticated DDS RF section, it has a large front panel with full-size knobs, and lots of room around them, which makes it a pleasure to operate.....even for hours at a time.

The Automatic Antenna Tuner in the FT-990 is famous for being "simply amazing.....it'll tune anything!".  It's also fast, quiet, and robust.  It's the best AT I've ever owned.

NOTE:  I also have an FT-100 mobile rig for sale; with the Separation-Kit for remote front-panel mounting, and the Yaesu motorized mobile HF tunable antenna- $490 obo...MAKE OFFER.


As is obvious from the pictures, this 990 is in excellent overall condition.  There are a few very light scuffs and micro-scratches on it and one tiny knick on the tuning-knob; but no major gouges, no cracks, no broken plastic, no smashed corners, no bent sheet-metal.  It's been very well taken care of.  I'm only the 2nd owner; and I've owned and appreciated it for 15 years now.

The FT-990 is NOT a typical late-model 'plastic' radio...it's all metal, and beautifully made.  All the internal circuitry is on plug-in cards in a metal cage; just like high-end HP or Tektronix test-equipment.  It's a very, very high quality radio.

Electrical condition is 100% to the best of my knowledge.  I've hardly used it over the past 6 years; but I've never had a glitch with it in the whole 15 years I've had it.

Before my wife got sick, I used it every day; mostly on 17m, 15m, and 75m.  It always worked flawlessly for me; and the receiver is truly a joy.....a wonderful receiver.

What's Included:

FIRMWARE:  display says version 1.30 is installed

POWER: 12vdc input;  the AC jack/fuse is there, but I don't think it has the AC PS.

MICROPHONE:  Stock hand mic, in excellent shape; no cracks in cable-jacket etc..

MISC:  Original Yaesu double-box, manual, and the printed Factory Service Manual !

FILTERS:  INSTALLED and INCLUDED (see picture below of IF board in this radio)

- XF-10.9M-501-01 - optional 1st-IF Crystal Filter, CW 500hz, a nice 'all-around' cw filter.
- XF-10.9M-202-01 - optional 1st-IF Crystal FIlter, SSB narrow, 2khz.....a great filter to have.
- CFJ455K-13 - 2nd IF Filter; SSB, variously described as 2.6khz or 2.7khz; a good filter

The filters alone are worth over $200.00

Yaesu FT-990 HF Transceiver, w/Filters, excellent; $725 or best offer

To make it a "done deal", CALL or Email me at: "metal at fullwave dawt com"

Please DON'T TEXT...I don't have a smartphone.

CALL Rico from 9am-8pm PACIFIC-time please, at: 541-944-9746

Terms and Notes: 

Pickup:  Pickup preferred, in Ashland Oregon...or add whatever it costs to pack and ship